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Those interested in attending one or more conferences, or sending multiple people from your organization to the same conference can receive a discount by purchasing an annual membership. Your membership days can be used for any combination of attendees or conference days.

Membership Levels Price
Bronze: 3-9 days ............... $275/day
Silver: 10-14 days ............. $250/day
Gold: 15+ days .................. $225/day

Membership Expiration Policy
In order to comply with University guidelines, all memberships expire at the end of the conference season, June 30th. Unused membership days do not roll over. Please keep this policy in mind when purchasing new memberships.

Membership days may be used for any conference offered by Partners In Business.

For questions, including Educator pricing, please call (435) 797-3846

Contact Information

Email address is unique to attendee and will be used for checking in the day of the conference. In addition conference details, including registration information, changes to registration, and venue information will be sent to this email.

Company Information

Tier Selection

Payment Information

You will receive an email containing your invoice & payment options within 5-7 days after submitting your registration. 
Payment is due before memberships can be applied to registrations.




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